ANTIQUARIUS – Bulgaria, Austria, 27 min.,Short, Comedy

Director: Nina C Gabriel, Ludwig Drahosch

Somewhere in Koprivshtitsa, where time has stopped in order to maintain the memories of heroes of the uprising. Somewhere in its timelessness and its flaking beauty sits a man in front of an antique store under the eaves of a two-century-old Renaissance house, smoking a pipe, gazing at the cobblestone blearily, and pretending to sell things. Or rather, he rearranges and cleans tiny relics with long histories. Next to him sits a boy with a high cap, pretending to help. The man with the pipe and the boy with the cap argue, or rather, they ponder, because one of them supposedly knows everything, and the other supposedly wants to know everything, especially ‘what is love’.
Every morning, somewhere in Koprivshtitsa, the shutters and hidden drawers on the facade of the store open like the lid of a box. Its insides are exposed to the

THE LAST SUNRISE – 30 min., Drama, Short

Director: Nina C Gabriel, Ludwig Drahosch.

Sometimes the path forward leads backwards. When time doesn’t heal, the sea and its timelessness do. The sea devours, but it also gives back.
After 30 years, Constance returns to her past where the sea devours without giving back, in order to find the truth. There, at the bungalows, where childhood memories from the seventies come back like a haunting nightmare. There, during the last witnessed sunrise, at the vibrant bungalows which have only changed the colors of their shutters over the decades.
The film uses silent shots to tell the story of a family drama and a secret. There’s a specific type of suffering that does not allow for change of scenery. It always returns to where it began because that is the only place to find truth.


30 Aug 2019





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