LOVE, BOYDIN– Bulgaria, 2018, 111 min.

Director: Borislav Mihailovski
Writer: Borislav Mihailovski
Cast: Deyan Donkov, Venelina Ghyaurova, Zlatko Gulekov, Janet Iovcheva, Meglena Karalambova, Ivan Nestorov, Ivan Savov, Zara Tzvetkova, Madlen Yordanova
Producer: Borislav Mihailovski

A film about fateful decisions and the results which everyone faces. Boyden, an advertiser, joins the protests taking over the streets of Sofia during the summer of 2013. His loved ones are estranged, his daughter is losing faith in him, and his career is falling apart…
Boyden’s relationship with himself and his surroundings develops. The task of dealing with his own trauma is a difficult one.
During the turbulent summer of 2013 Boyden’s life seems like a string of failures because of his drinking problem. When his 92-year-old grandfather undergoes an operation, he employs himself with caring for the elderly man. In these tense days of dementia and memories of childhood, Boyden manages to find the recipe for his own salvation.

Borislav Mihailovski:
“I enjoy analyzing human behavior in times of crisis. The main theme I was interested in was overcoming addiction in the name of filial duty. Recognizing your second chance and seizing it. What motivates you to find the strength for it? How do the differences between generations affect relationships in times of crisis?”


25 Aug 2019




8 BGN and 6 BGN

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