TANGO IN THE TUNNEL – Bulgaria, 2019, 100 min., Drama

Director: Nikolay Stanchev, Stoian Anov
Writer: Zlatka Keremedchieva
Starring: Nikolay Stanchev, Yonko Dimitrov, Anna Bankina, Pavel Vladimirov, Liliq Lilova, Iliq Videlinov, Zlatka Keremedchieva, Diliana Daneva, Doychin Mehov, Asen Karanikolov

The life of a young man abandoned by his parents- family relationships and their worth, friendship and its weight, love and its power. A film about the consequences of our actions and the challenges we have to face in order to reach change; featuring the message that the system oppresses young people and questions about friendships, the obstacles in life and dreams.
Tony is lively, often reckless and spoiled by the attention and constant cares of his grandmother, who raised him by herself. He calls her Maminka. The lack of a stable family and stern discipline pushes Tony to keeping the bad, even dangerous company of Nicky. Together they end up in various absurd situations, but luck is on their side and they always manage to get out unscathed, until one fateful night, which changes both their lives forever.
The metamorphosis Tony goes through is painfully familiar to a lot of the people, who have been rejected because of their social status many times. The lack of opportunities for a noble life often pushes us towards our darker selves… A contemporary Bulgarian drama aimed at confused young people.
Part of the movie soundtrack are original songs by “Indigo Kids”, DenYo and Vesi Boneva.


24 Aug 2019




8 BGN and 6 BGN

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Hall 5 - FCC